West Coast Hot Mop

Make Your Shower Waterproof

Acquired in 2018

West Coast Hot Mop is a licensed business purchased by Pacifica in 2018.


Why Use Hot Mop

Fast, waterproof, guaranteed.

What Customers Say

Very professional, Great Service, Beautiful Work!

Building a watertight shower pan is the most important step in a tile shower project. A leaky shower pan can cause surrounding damage, hassle, and time. This is why professional contractors and builders prefer to hire a team that specializes in making sure the shower pan liner is done right. By hiring West Coast Hot Mop you get a team that has decades of combined experience working on just shower pans. This is why we can guarantee your pan will not leak and pass a city inspection!

Our hot mop shower pans are tile ready, built tough, and made to last a lifetime. We combine generous amounts of hot liquid asphalt with three layers of felt and fiberglass corners. This makes our shower pans better able to withstand weight and traffic when compared to flimsy liners found at discount home improvement stores - GUARANTEED.

West Coast Hot Mop