Las Posas Chevron

Unique, Award-Winning Gas Station in San Marcos, California

Unique and Beautiful

Unique design, car-paint interior walls, Italian coffee machines, and more.

The Finest Treats and Drinks

Outdoor organic fruit cart, healthy snacks and plenty of drinks inside.

State-of-the-Art Car Wash

Brand-new car wash, the same used by Bentley and Mercedes dealerships.

San Diego’s Favorite Gas Station

Voted San Diego’s favorite neighborhood gas station in the state-of-the art carwash can is built in Spain, and is the same used by Bentley and Mercedes dealerships; it can do either touch-free or friction washes with brushes. Our store offers many varieties of drinks and sodas, including the hard-to-find Mexican Coke, with real cane sugar in the characteristic Coca Cola glass bottle. Right outside the store we have a cart selling organic fruits and vegetables. A unique gas station. And much more.

A Gas Station Experience like No Other

  • Chevron Aerial View Image
    Chevron Aerial View
  • Chevron Sign Image on a sunny day.
    Chevron Sign
  • Chevron Coffee Image
    Chevron Coffee
  • Chevron Drinks machine image.
    Chevron Drinks
  • Chevron F'Real ice cream machine.
    Chevron F'Real
  • Chevron Store interior shot of products for sale and coffee machines.
    Chevron Store
  • Chevron Car Wash Image
    Chevron Car Wash
  • Chevron Pumps Image
    Chevron Pumps

Voted San Diego's Best

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Las Posas Chevron

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