Five years since it was last open to the public, the iconic “Plunge” swimming pool is finally set to welcome San Diegans at Belmont Park.

“Oh, we’re so excited. It’s highly anticipated,” said Belmont Park spokesperson Michelle McKee.

The pool was one of the original attractions when the project opened in 1925. However, it had run into hard times in recent years and has been closed for much of the last decade. One management company went bankrupt. The next came up with a renovation plan, only to discover dangerous, corroding conditions inside, leading to the pool’s closure in 2014.

Work finally began in earnest in 2017, tearing out much of the Plunge infrastructure, while trying to maintain a link to its historic nature.

“It was a wonderful pool,” McKee said. “We wanted to maintain the structure of some of those elements, so that remains here in the pool.”

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