Timely Opportunities

Purchase and renovation of under-performing assets

Value-Add Investments

In the multi-family and business sectors

Investment Focus

$5 to $30 million in equity investments

Contrarian Style, Sophisticated Approach

Pacifica Enterprises, along with its affiliated companies, seeks to achieve capital preservation, income, and growth appreciation through opportunistic and timely real estate investments in targeted local markets. Regardless of market conditions, Pacifica’s tactical investment approach takes advantage of sector trends and market pricing anomalies to model its acquisition and disposition strategies. Pacifica’s contrarian investment style focuses on out-of-favor assets, circumstantially performing poorly but with strong underlying value.
Such assets can be restored through repositioning, or where market inefficiencies leave room for strong growth prospects. Keeping in mind the need of capital preservation for the family’s and investors’ equity, Pacifica’s multistage equity-to-debt balancing approach is to purchase our investments all-cash and only add financing after stabilizing the properties, with positive leverage at conservative LTV and debt-service coverage ratios. Historically, Pacifica’s capital gearing strategy has achieved a debt-to-equity ratio under 0.25.
Pacifica’s ability to creatively structure sophisticated transactions, respond to market needs, and conduct business with the utmost professionalism and integrity are just a few of the reasons Pacifica and its partners experience consistently positive returns. With a 60-year history of real estate equity investments and investment banking in Southern California, Pacifica’s family of companies invests directly, takes equity positions in partnerships and joint ventures, and engages in advisory activities for its owners and its private and institutional clients.

Target Investments

Pacifica’s insights in the local real estate market allows its acquisitions team to focus on properties that generate alpha returns through a diversified approach, while working with select lending institutions in each regional market. Pacifica is currently focusing on primary and secondary market investments and on ground-up construction in the residential and hospitality sectors, with equity investments between $5 M and $30 M.

Key Advantages

  • Successful track record of creating alpha returns without leverage;
  • Experience in a broad range of real estate services and asset classes;
  • Seasoned management team with the ability to recognize market opportunities;
  • Superior accounting and reporting practices;
  • Exemplary due diligence and acquisition execution.

Portfolio Composition

  • Residential 40% 40%
  • Commercial 21% 21%
  • Attractions / Resorts 20% 20%
  • Flexible workspace 13% 13%
  • Land 5% 5%
  • Business segment 1% 1%